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This will be a whole new section for Post Mixing.

We plan on listing many industries that need mixing. Looking at the list to the left, that is just about all industries. Mixing goes on just about everywhere, and for every product.

Our plans is to have a review of each of the industries listed here and show how mixing is important to each industry. If possible we will even include flow charts and pictures. We will not wait till we write up every industry, but add them as we complete their stories. You will know which ones we have worked on, when you see the industies become links to the next page level.

Mixing is mixing. The basics for solid-liquid mixing, for example is the same whether it is done in the Mining or Pharmaceutical industies. But each industry has its specials and peculuarities. In this example, the mining industry will usually be continuous processes of very large scale (some of the biggest mixers are in the mining industry) and open tanks. whereas in the Pharmaceutical industry, the processes are usuall carried out in batch, and often in very small quantities. The need for cleanliness and sterility are further requirements that mean that these tanks will usually be sealed and under a slight presure.

Currently, mixing processes are odered based on the phase properties. These mixing processes are generic. Here we are trying to be industry specific. There will be a lot of cross-linking of materials between them.

We will announce in News - Web Updates when new material has been added.

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