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Put some order into your mixer/reactor inventory

You have a lot of reactors, tanks, or fermenters and they are all mixed with something.  You are getting inconsistent results when you use different reactors for the same process.  Let Post Mixing organize your mixing capabilities by conducting a survey and creating an inventory of your arsenal of reactors. Then determine the mixing capabilities of each, compare, and optimize. Even if you want to do this on your own, we can give you the list of minimum parameters that you will need to characterize your reactors on the basis of mixing.

Because mixing is not really taught at any university, it is often not well understood.  Therefore, it is not really surprising that the inventory of mixers and reactors at a company do not have much detail and are not kept up to date. We often hear "That reactor has 3 Rushton Turbines and 4 baffles and it's impeller speed is 82 RPM". The locations of the impellers are not known, the impeller diameters are often incorrect (that's because most Rushton Turbines are adjustable and no one can remember what position they are in), and no one really knows it those Rushton Turbines have standard dimensions or not. "Oh, you can find that information on the drawings!" Interestingly enough, many drawings disappear, or retrofits or updates have not been drawn in. Does this sound familiar? Mixing is usually neglected, until someone suspects a problem.

Allow Post Mixing to come in and make sense of it all. We can take the measurements.  We can look at the drawings, and we can do some interviewing of key people. We know what we are looking for. Or we can supervise your people to get the information. Regardless of how it gets done, you owe it to yourself and your company to have a good understanding of your mixers and reactors.

Most likely we will be able to point to areas of concern right away. Think of this as an audit of your capability to produce product right where it all begins... the reaction.

Key Benefits

  • We know what we are looking for
  • We probably can make suggestions to improve the mixing in your reactors right away
  • This is the basis for optimizing or trouble shooting a process problem
  • This is the starting point of making everyone more aware of just how important mixing is to productivity and selectivity.

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