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You have a problem and you need a troubleshooter

A process upset has shut you down.Or you hit a road block in R&D.You need answers and you need them fast.Consider a mixing expert as part of your team to resolve the problem, even if you don't think mixing is to blame.

Key Benefits

  • Almost all reactions require mixing and most engineers haven't studied mixing.
  • Our expertise is mixing.
  • We can minimize your downtime.
  • An outsider can help you think outside the box.
  • We can make suggestions so it shouldn't happen again.
  • We have experience in many process applications.


  • Cutting hydrogenation times in half
  • Decreasing the batch time of a polymerization from 12 hours to under 1 hour with a resulting purer product
  • Doubling the throughput of a fermentation
  • Increasing kLa by 100% without a new motor and gearbox
  • Switching to a solvent based reaction, increased production rate from a mere 5 kg/day to an excess of 1000 kg/batch
  • Reverse order of addition of components eliminated the need of a very costly mixing system
  • Improving the mixing reduced the leaching time of a precious metals plant from 1 week to less than 1 day
  • Decreased the entrainment of solvents in solvent extractions of mining operations from several percents to about 10 ppm
  • Increased the throughput in PTA plants by decreasing the solids build up in the reactors
  • Dramatically decreasing the mixing time by merely readjusting the position of the impeller for a portable mixer installation
  • Doubling the heat transfer capacity of a tank by changing the location of heat transfer surfaces
  • Decreasing dead zones in a high viscosity solution increased yields, reduced unwanted impurities, and kept the temperature of the solution within 1 degree
  • Predicted conditions for reaction extinction for a high pressure, high temperature oxidation in a horizontal tank
  • Achieved a uniform droplet size distribution by making minor design changes to an inline mixing device
  • Optimized dissolution times of floating solids by implementing up-pumping technology

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