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Process Intensifier

Process Intensifier: Optimization using CFD

Continuous Flow Process Intensification in Pipes or Channels using Dynamic Mixers

Both studies are a collaborative effort by

Pete Csiszar , Black & Baird Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C.
Keith Johnson, Independent Consultant, North Canton, Oh
Thomas Post, Post Mixing Optimization and Solutions, Pittsford, NY

Part 1: Analysis of Existing Dynamic Pipeline Mixers or Line Blenders

Before you can optimize any mixing system, you first need to know what's mixing currently. We embarked on a study of 4 currently commercially available pipe mixers or inline mixers. Because the line mixers are inside the pipe, they are the mixing version of a black box. Do they really mix? Are they any good at what they do? What are they doing right? What could they be doing better? How do you use CFD or CFM to determine the goodness of mixing? What can a good CFD tool, especially made for mixing, reveal in the fluid mixing world? The answers to these questions are found in Part 1.

Part 2 : Optimized Process Intensifier - or - How to mix continuously and efficiently

Just like any mixing application, you need to know what the process wants. Jim Oldshue is famous for saying that, and its true. It still holds the same for mixing in a pipe. Sure, brut force will work in most instances, but it can be done elegantly, too. This is the ultimate in continuous mixing. For the first time in over 35 years, this great and inexpensive work horse of the mixing industry gets a make-over. And you will we surprised at the the resultant mixer designs. Sure you are anxious, but make sure you read or gaze at Part 1 first before looking at the answers.

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