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Micro level mixing - Chemical processing

Micro-level mixing topics deal almost entirely with liquid-solid ( or solid-liquid) mass transfer across a phase boundary, in this case through the solids. This category deals more with the rate of the mass transfer, and less with the physical distribution of the solids. The solids can be porous catalysts for catalytic reactions, active agents for adsorption, polymers and co-polymers for suspension polymerization, or particles that need to be dissolved or coated. In the case of crystallization and precipitation, the solids are the final product. In the special case of dissolving, the solids are generally added to the surface. Although the solid density is greater than the liquid density, the solids may initially float and gel with each other. The gel creates a "protective layer" around the solids, making it nearly impossible for the solids inside the gel to be wetted out. This phenomena is particularly interesting in the polymer industry.

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Solids Wet-Out

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