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Mixing Processes

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Physical Processing
Macro - level
Phase Properties Chemical Processing
Micro - level
Pumping - Flow Patterns Fluid Motion Heat Transfer - Electrochemical MT
Blending - Mixing Times Miscible Liquids Reactions - Kinetics
Emulsification - Dispersion Liquid - Liquid Extraction - L-L Mass Transfer
Suspension - Solids Distribution Liquid - Solid Dissolving - L-S Mass Transfer
Dispersion - Flooding - Boiling Liquid - Gas Absorption - L-G Mass Transfer
L-S-G Combinations Liquid - Solid - Gas Fermentations - Hydrogenations - Precipitations

Post Mixing organization of mixing processes based on Phase Properties

There are so many mixing processes, that they need some kind of organization. They could be organized by industry, but there would be too much repitition. Mixing is mixing. A the mixing of solids into a liquid follows the same pricipals in the mining industry as in the pharmaceutical industry except for the scale of the equipment and the degree of cleanliness. It makes sense to organize them based on the Phase Properties of the fluid to mix. This is how it is done here at Post Mixing. The idea is not new. Dr. James Oldshue has been a proponent of this organization his entire life. Consider the phases in the fluid that is to be mixed, and then decide if the process is a Macro Mixing type or a Micro Mixing type. Since the solution of Macro Mixing Processes is easier than Micro Mixing Processes (because you can see what's going on), start with Macro Mixing if you are not sure. Many times, if the Macro Mixing is optimized, the optimization of the Micro Mixing phenomena is not too far away. Click away and explore the interesting world of mixing.

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