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Static Mixers

This is a previw of this clip.  Please wait.  Downloading 5.4 Mb. Static Mixers are different from traditional (dynamic) mixers because there are no moving parts. Most processes utilize pumps to transfer chemicals from one reactor to another. The static mixer contains plates or baffles in various shapes, which are attached to the pipe and are therefore stationary. As the fluids are pumped by these obstacles, turbulence and the physical shifting of the fluid elements causes the fluids to mix. Here is a video (courtesy of Sulzer Chemtech) that shows the concept of mixing using static mixers. This video is 5.4 Mb and it will take about 1-2 minutes to upload if you are using a high-speed connection. If you are dialing up, you may want to skip this.

There will be more video clips of this type spread out in the various categories in the Mixing Forum. Below are some jumping links to some of these clips, if you are only interested in static mixing. If you would like any assistance in applying static mixers to your process, please contact us.

To see a video clip, click the link.  
														The file is 9.5 Mb.
Self cleaning mixers

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