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Patents by Tom Post

Pneumatic bioreactor
J. Gregory Zeikus, Kyungnam Kim, Thomas A. Post, Keith E. Johnson. United States Patent, No. 7,713,730, May 11, (2010), Patent with 4 claims, 4 drawings, 9 pages

Mixing system for separation of materials by flotation
R. Howk, M. Giralico, T. Post, United States Patent, No. 6,109,449, August 29, (2000), Patent with 22 claims, 8 drawings, 13 pages

Impeller System and Method for Enhanced-Flow Pumping of Liquids,
T. Post, R. Howk, M. Preston, United States Patent, No. 5,511,881, April 30, (1996), Patent with 47 claims, 8 drawings, 18 pages

Impeller System for Mixing and Enhanced-Flow Pumping of Liquids,
R. Weetman, R. Howk, T. Post, United States Patent, No. 5,501,523, March 26, (1996), Patent with 17 claims, 6 drawings, 13 pages

Vorrichtung zum Mischen von Gasen und Fluessigkeiten(Mixing Device for Gases and Liquids),
D. Brenner, M. Frecke, T. Post, German Patent, No. DE 4307925, September 22, (1994), Patent with 14 claims, 13 drawings, 20 pages

Einrichtung zur Foederung gesteuerter Trombenbildung bei einer Gas/Fluessigkeitsmischvorrichtung,
D. Brenner, M. Frecke, T. Post, German Patent, No. DE 4307924, September 15, (1994), Patent with 5 claims, 6 drawings, 10 pages

Method for preparing 6-chloro-N-methyl-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-3-benzazepine,
S. Borowski and T. Post, United States Patent, No. 4,541,954, September 17, (1985), Patent with 4 claims, 0 drawings, 3 pages, patented in 45 additional countries

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