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Consulting Services

This list gives a brief description of the types of services that Post Mixing offers.Click on the service title for more details. If your interest is not listed here, use the Contact Us form. If Post Mixing can't help, we probably can find someone that can.


A process upset has shut you down. You need answers and you need them quickly. Consider a mixing expert troubleshooter as part of your team to resolve the problem.

CFD Analysis

Your CFD engineer has created some impressive CFD outputs, but you still don't know if you will be able to suspend those solids, or minimize those dead zones, or disperse gas, or get a mixing result. Just because a computer program has printed a converged result on paper, doesn't mean that it has to be right. Does it look right? How do you know? Have Post Mixing help you analyze your CFD Outputs.

Process Optimization

Most processes require that chemicals are mixed prior to a reaction. Many processes are not running at peak performance because the mixing has been neglected or designed incorrectly. You know the yield and purity of your end product can be better based on lab results. Don't do it based on trial and error. Get unbiased expert help.

Writing Specs

Specs or specifications are usually sent out to mixing suppliers on large projects. See how we can be of assistance for this important task.

Purchasing Assistance

The demand on your products are increasing or you need to replace that old mixer. You have 4 quotes from 4 different mixing companies and each have a different solution and price. Let's face it, you are not the mixing expert. Do you choose the lowest bidder or do you choose the best value. Each vendor will consider their approach the best! Have Post Mixing help you make the right decision.


That new product is ready to launch. You want it to succeed right away. A bad first batch can cost thousands of dollars and your boss will certainly not appreciate it. Why not have a mixing expert audit your plans. "If it doesn't scale-up, you have a mixing problem!"

Extra Hands

You operate on a need-to-have basis and you have a minimum of personnel or everyone is just too busy doing other projects. You know that new product launch is going to need more people soon and you don't have them. You also know that this peak demand won't last very long. You need some extra help right now. We have technicians, service mechanics and engineers that can help.


Presentations on mixing basics to specific topics. You know mixing is important and no one has ever had any formal training. Most engineers and managers never have. Or you need a refresher course. What better way than to have an unbiased consultant come over.

Mixing Seminars

If more than one of you are interested in learning about mixing, we can set up (a) seminar(s) just for you.


When all you want is a quick mixing refresher or lesson.

Mixer Inventory

You have a lot of reactors, tanks, or fermenters and they are all mixed with something. You are getting inconsistent results when you use different reactors for the same process. Let Post Mixing organize your mixing capabilities by conducting a survey and creating an inventory of your arsenal of reactors. Then determine the mixing capabilities of each, compare, and optimize.

Lab Experimentation

We have years of wet lab experience. A big important part of understanding fluid process mixing is to understand what it is you are trying to mix. We can help you with determining the right viscosity. Probably more than 90% of the industrial fluids and virtually all industrially important slurries have non-Newtonian flow behavior. If you are ignoring the the proper measurement of your apparent viscosities, it will be even more difficult to understand the mixing going on. To understand apparent viscosities, you also need to know the shear rate distribution in your media. We can also help advise you on the purchase and use of torque cells for torque measurement, proximity probes for vibrational analysis, estimation of impeller shaft power from motor power data, and more. If you are planning on building a mixing stand for mixing research, we can help there, too.

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