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Next Pharmaceutical Mixing CHE 621 / PME 621 begins Sept. 2011.

The internet graduate mixing course that Professor Dr. Thomas Post gives yearly at Stevens Institute of Technology will be offered again during the Fall Semester. If you are interested in mixing, even if it is not in the Pharmaceutical Industry, it will be worth your while to attend one of these semester long courses on-line. If you are interested contact us. This is a 3-credit graduate course. Anyone worldwide who has access to the internet is welcome to register. If you are interested, have a look at my syllabus. Registration starts here. Tuition costs are found here.

Mixing Seminars

Dr. Post gave a one day mixing seminar at the AICHE National Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 7, 2010 in Salt Lake City.

Professional Development Hours: 7.5. Participating in this AIChE short course may qualify as Certified Professional Credits (CPC) in certain jurisdictions. Attendees received a signed Professional Development Hours certificate at the end of the course. Dr. Post talked about basic mixing principals in the morning and then turned the discussion over to single and multi-phase mixing in the afternoon.

Plans are in the works now for two more AIChE sponsored mixing seminars for 2011.

    1. The AICHE National Annual Meeting will be from October 16-21, 2011 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. Details are not yet available, but presumably the short course would be held the 1st day of the conference on Sunday, Nov. 16. More details here when they are available.
    2. The ChemShow will be from Nov. 1-3, 2011 at the Javits Convention Center in NYC, and the mixing seminar is scheduled for Nov. 2 (Wednesday).

Another Patent

Both Keith Johnson and Tom Post contributed to the patenting of a clients invention, which was awarded on May 11, 2010. Using CFD, we helped the design and construction of a disposable bioreactor. The mixing in this device is unlike anything you or we have ever seen before and is based on a simple principal. We developed an interesting technique to determine the mixing time in this bioreactor and based on our results helped steer its development in the final direction.


Past News

  • June 20-25, 2010: Tom Post presented "Gas Handling and Power Consumption of High Solidity Hydrofoils: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions' HS and Lightning's A315 Impellers" (download the 43-page 11.3MB file) in the Mixing of multiphase systems session of the North American Mixing Forum's Mixing XXII conference in Victoria, B.C.

    Tom Post, Keith Johnson, and Keith McDermott prepared some mixing research doing something not done very often in the world of mixing: Comparing the mixing of competitor's impellers, something like Consumer Reports does on household items. Tom presented the information on Wednesday June 23. We actually did not show the comparison, but if you want to know Contact Us. We plan on having background information from this research up on Post Mixing soon.

  • March, 2010: Thomas Post authored " Understand the Real World of Mixing " (download the 8-page 340 kB file) as part of the Back to Basics series of CEP magazine.

    Abstract: Most chemical engineering curricula do not adequately address mixing as it is commonly practiced in the chemical process industries. This article attempts to fill in some of the gaps by explaining flow patterns, mixing techniques, and the turbulent, transitional and laminar mixing regimes. Thomas Post touches on limitations of the perfect-mixing and plug-flow models, deviations from the ideal models (the real world), Reynolds and power numbers, laminar, transitional, and turbulent regimes, mixing times, heat transfer, solid-liquid mixing, liquid-liquid mixing, gas-liquid mixing, scale-up, and scale-down.

  • November 16-21, 2003: Tom Post and Keith Johnson presented " Process Intensifier: Optimization using CFD" in the Industrial Mixing and Scale-Up/Scale-Down Issues session of the AIChE 2003 Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

    Tom and Keith presented this paper to a room so full that there was 2 rows of people standing in the back. Obviously, process intensification is on the minds of many people not just scientists in the mixing community. The report we have here has much more detail than we presented at the AIChE Annual Meeting. Keith demonstrated the superiority of the AcuSolve CFD program we used, while Tom described the results and comparison of 4 different mixing devices in a pipe or pipeline.

  • August 24-27, 2003: Presented " Scale-up of Pumpers & Mixers for Solvent Extraction" at HYDRO 2003: Hydrometallurgy 2003: 5th International Symposium in Honor of Professor Ian Ritchie in Vancouver

    Tom presented this paper just 3 hours after being stung by a wasp on the upper lip. He demonstrated how to scale-up pumpers and mixers for mineral solvent extraction and he also showed how AcuSolve can be used to determine the flow number (Nq), head number (Nh), power number (Np) and pressure drops (delta p) throughout an SX-system.

Recent Publications

Dr. Post collaborated with Tim Dodge and Peter Lundqvist of Genencor International on the following presentation at the ACS National Meeting, which was held in New Orleans from March 23-27, 2003. The paper was presented by Tim Dodge.

  • Simulation of Large Scale Environments in the Laboratory, T. Dodge, P. Lundqvist, T. Post, ACS 225th National Meeting, New Orleans, March 23-27, 2003, Oral Presentation

Dr. Post gave an oral presentation of the following paper at the Mineral Processing Plant Design, Practice and Control Conference, in Vancouver, BC, Canada (October 20-24, 2002). This conference is held only once every 15 years and he was an invited contributor.

  • Selection and Sizing of Copper Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning Equipment and Circuits , C.G. Anderson, M.A. Giralico, T.A. Post, T.G. Robinson, O.S. Tinkler, Mineral Processing Plant Design, Practice and Control, Edited by A.L. Mular, D .N. Halbe, D.J. Barratt, SME, Volume 2, Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 20-24, (2002), pages 1709-1744, Paper and Oral Presentation

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